Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nursing Board Exams

December 2010 Nursing Licensure Examination Results will be released midnight of FEBRUARY 15, 2011 according to some sources. However, we all realize that the Philippine Regulation Commission (along with many other Philippine government offices *durr*) usually has a bad habit of announcing the Nursing Board Exam results some time after the actual release date.

Approximately a 100,000 nursing graduates who took up the said examination will keep an eye on the results on February 15 to 20 wherein a greater possibility of announcement will fall on either Feb. 19 or 20, 2011. Let us all keep our fingers crossed as we wait in exuberance for the much anticipated nursing board examination results.

the hopeful nurses


I salute you,because you're a Nurse..Di madali yong trabaho nyo... :-)
I witness how hard it is,when I was in the hospital.
Taking care of important people in my life.. :-)
MAbuhay mga NURSE!!! :-)

Waaaah Im so flattered na nagcomment ka sa mumunti kong blog. waaah. di ako makapaniwala wew. composure hehe ang saya

Opo di talaga madali especially for nurses who are at the hospitals who receive meager wage.

Nurse ka rin po ba miss angie? yeah mabuhay ang mga nurse.
And mabuhay ang lahat ng mga bloggers. :)

People jumped on the nursing bandwagon without factoring in the possibility that the demand for Nurses will eventually stop. Our future engineers, teachers, etc. chose nursing and now they're going nowhere fast. Tragic.

@Katipunan, thank you for your wonderful post.

Yes katipunan it is very unfortunate that many of our youngsters (and even other professionals) resort in taking up nursing. However, we cannot blame them. For the people who have witnessed struggles here on the Philippines, it is very easy for them to realize that working abroad will somehow provide them with better employment opportunities and a more promising future for their families.

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