Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crazy Valentine present

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I took a 20 minute ride going to the office and to my surprise I encountered a number of people bringing with them roses, bouquet, and many other crazy Valentine present. And I tried to think through the possible occasion and to my disbelief it was indeed Feb 14 *sigh* (my apologies). And the moment I arrived, my other team members were teasing me as I sported a new coiffure. They've been asking if I will go out with someone which apparently is not the case since my love life has been in the extinction for quite some time (yearsss I mean) *durr*. Meanwhile, a lot of people I bump into were wearing a red tee some of them were bloody and manic red. Good thing I didn't wear a black shirt or else I would really appear hostile to the occasion. It was really evident of me not being mindful about Valentine's day since I keep on asking about 'Hey what is the date again for this day?' Someone even told me 'Oh my god it is Valentine's day and you are missing the date!'And it seems that I have to endure a little longer before I could finally celebrate this day in excitement.

In the meantime, I found this news and it seems that this couple enjoyed each others kisses more than enough that the bacteria inside their mouth can undergo fermentation! Check it here. That is indeed a crazy valentine present and a literal definition of a mouthwatering experience! Good thing it was just a smooch though *wew*.


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