Wednesday, February 9, 2011

December 19 & 20 Nursing Licensure Examination - THE VERDICT

It has been almost more than a month and a half already since nursing graduates across the country took the December 19 & 20 Nursing Licensure Examination to formally embark in their voyage as nursing professionals. Many have been said about the content of the examination, such as, board takers arguing and raising their own thoughts about the correct answers, review centers bragging their fair share of final coaching inputs which apparently hold the similar idea to the questions present in the actual board examination, and some even say that they have encountered similar questions already; etc--we exactly do not run of any possible explanation to those things just to pacify the tensions that we have in our mind and body.

Rumors spread a couple of days ago that the result will be released some time this week, February 7 or so in particular, but then again none of those is really true. But having said that, according to a source, some people were fortunate enough to ask a member of the BON (when they apparently held some sort of "seminar" or what snickers at a local province here in Mindanao) who said that "the results will be made public on February 20 this month" *sigh*.

God knows how many recent board takers became so religious in devoting their time visiting as many churches as they can, climbing the steepest sacred hills or so, lighting as many candles as they can to bolster their prayers, writing the longest prayer novena and even duplicating them in writing!! Take the superlative, the most, the best, the extremes, all of those things, any possible thing will be done just for us to pass this board exam.

And finally it will very soon reach the point wherein all of our prayers and aspirations will be answered, the final day of verdict, that is, to the highly anticipated event of our nursing career which is to PASS and even TOP the December 2010 Nursing Licensure Examination.


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