Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to make money at home!

Whether you are a recent board taker or not who's waiting for the results of the recently concluded Nursing Licensure Board Examination, you may want to make your wait a worthwhile. Instead of being part of the party crowd out there, why not make a big leap in terms of alternative sources of earning money?
Many Filipinos nowadays have been benefiting from the emergence of home based jobs. Both old and the young for as long as you are familiar with many computer programs may it be with simple transcription using Microsoft word to complex Joomla website making, then you are a good fit to work for the many available works in the ever-growing internet. Of course you won't work empty handed ayt? Salary usually range from Php4,000 to as much as 40,000 or even more!! Fair enough huh while working at the comfort of your own very home.

Now before you become so ecstatic about the good salary they offer for you, make sure you do mind the skills required for those jobs. Here are some of the skills needed to start and establish a good career at home:
•    Computer literate
•    Good english language proficiency--writing and speaking alike
•    Knowledgeable of basic transcription using Microsoft word program
Those are the basics. Now if you think you are the person who can boast more skills than what I have listed above then you should pay more attention the skills I included below:
•    Fast and accurate in data transcription--40wpm is decent enough for such a skill.
•    Good marketing and administrative skills
•    Team player
•    Ability to make 6-8 unique non plagiarized articles of 300-500 words per eight hour shift.
•    Knows how to make websites with Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Blogger, Mambo, etc.
•    Basic and advanced SEO skills
•    Good listening and fluent in english
•    Programming skills
•    Programmer
•    etc

Now if you are a bit doubtful if this one really works, then try to look at payment I recently got for this week from my employer via Paypal.

Quite small if you put in perspective but once you get along with your work then you should be fine working online.

My final word for jobless pips out there most especially for nurses who are seeking employment opportunities is that know where you want to head in the years to come. If you prefer working at the hospital to earn that clinical experience and expertise--very good for you. For those who falls short in being a staff nurse, there are still plenty of job opportunities to come. What is important after all is you enjoy your work, it gives you personal satisfaction and growth as well.


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